California Crop Fertilization Guidelines

UC Davis
A collaboration between CDFA, FREP and UC Davis

Rice Nitrogen Uptake and Partitioning

The Fertilization guidelines can also be found on the UC Davis Nutrient Management website .

Seasonal N Uptake

Season N Uptake Curve Graph

Nitrogen uptake of rice determined by harvesting the aboveground biomass at different times during the growing season. Rice took up little N until tillering. Most N was taken up between tillering and flowering [1].

Nitrogen Partitioning

Nitrogen partitioning pie chart

At maturity, approximately 70% of the aboveground N was in the grains, while 30% was in the straw [1].

Nitrogen Removed at Harvest

Rice yield and N removed at harvest.

Location Years Yield Aboveground N Harvested N Source
    (lbs/acre) (tons/acre) (lbs/acre) (lbs/acre) (lbs/ton)  
Colusa and Butte Counties 1996 8,603 4.3 174 122 24 [1]



  1. Linquist, B.A., Brouder, S.M., Hill, J.E., 2006. Winter straw and water management effects on soil nitrogen dynamics in California rice systems. Agronomy Journal 98, 1050–1059.