California Department of Food and Agriculture

Office of Environmental Farming & Innovation

Office of Environmental Farming & Innovation

The mission of the Office of Environmental Farming & Innovation is to serve California by supporting agricultural production and incentivizing practices resulting in a net benefit for the environment through innovation, efficient management and science.

Dairy Digester Research & Development Program

The Healthy Soils Program

State Water Efficiency Enhancement Program

Office of Pesticide Consultation and Analysis

Alternative Manure Management Program


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Deadline to submit comments on Healthy Soils Program


Deadline Request for New Management Practices for Inclusion in the Alternative Manure Management Program

Guiding Principles of the OEFI

Guilding Principles of the Office of Environmental Farming & Innovation

Vision Statement

To be a trusted and valued resource for scientific analysis and support to stakeholders and state agencies in the development and implementation of economically viable agricultural practices that optimize environmental and public health.

Environmental Farming Act

CDFA's Incentive Programs are implemented under the authority of the Environmental Farming Act (PDF). Incentive Programs are developed in coordination with the Science Advisory Panel which facilitates public comment process. Learn more about the Science Advisory Panel.