California Crop Fertilization Guidelines

UC Davis
A collaboration between CDFA, FREP and UC Davis

Celery Nitrogen Uptake and Partitioning

The Fertilization guidelines can also be found on the UC Davis Nutrient Management website .

Seasonal N Uptake

Season N Uptake Curve Graph

Aboveground seasonal N uptake from drip-irrigated celery grown in Santa Ana, California (red line) and the coast of Spain (blue line), and direct-seeded, furrow irrigated celery in Salinas (green line). Yields were between 500-1000 cwt/acre. For transplanted celery, uptake is slow for about 45 days after transplanting. Uptake normally increases steadily until harvest [1,2,3].

Nitrogen Partitioning

Nitrogen partitioning pie chart

Nitrogen distribution in celery plants grown near Santa Ana, CA [1].

Nitrogen Removed at Harvest

Nitrogen removed with harvested celery.

Location Year Yield Removal in harvest Source
    (cwt/acre) (lbs N/acre) (lbs N/100 cwt)  
Salinas, CA 1960s 1041 280 27 [3]
Santa Ana, CA 1980 581 162 28 [1]
Cartagena, Spain 1998 not given 278   [2]



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