California Crop Fertilization Guidelines

UC Davis
A collaboration between CDFA, FREP and UC Davis

Cauliflower Nitrogen Uptake and Partitioning

The Fertilization guidelines can also be found on the UC Davis Nutrient Management website .

Seasonal N Uptake

Season N Uptake Curve Graph

The N uptake curve is based on data from eight summer-planted commercial cauliflower fields in the Salinas Valley [3].

Nitrogen Partitioning

Nitrogen partitioning pie chart

Less than one third of the total aboveground N is removed with the harvested parts [1,2].

Nitrogen Removed at Harvest

Cauliflower yield and N removed at harvest from different studies.

Study location Years Marketable yield N application rate Aboveground N Harvested N Source
    (lbs/acre) (cwt/acre) (lbs/acre) (lbs/acre) (lbs/acre)  
Central Coast 2012-13 17,577 160 306 277 60 [2]
Germany 1996-97 270 264 95 [1]




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