California Crop Fertilization Guidelines

UC Davis
A collaboration between CDFA, FREP and UC Davis

Strawberry Nitrogen Uptake and Partitioning

The Fertilization guidelines can also be found on the UC Davis Nutrient Management website .

Seasonal N Uptake

Season N Uptake Curve Graph

In commercial fields in the Salinas and Pajaro Valleys, aboveground biomass N accumulation averaged approximately 20 lbs/acre through March. From April through mid-September, aboveground biomass N increased linearly, reaching on average 190 lbs/acre [1].

Nitrogen Partitioning

Nitrogen partitioning pie chart

Approximately half of the aboveground N was in the strawberries, while the other half was in the leaves and the crown [1].

Nitrogen Removed at Harvest

Strawberry yield and N removed at harvest.

Location Years Yield Aboveground N Harvested N Source
    (lbs/acre) (cwt/acre) (lbs/acre) (lbs/acre) (lbs/cwt)  
Salinas and Pajaro Valley 2010-11 71,600 716 190 95 0.133 [1]



  1. Bottoms, T.G., Hartz, T.K., Cahn, M.D., Farrara, B.F., 2013. Crop and soil nitrogen dynamics in annual strawberry production in California. HortScience 48, 1034–1039.