Safe Animal Feed Education Program (SAFE)

Safe Animal Feed Education Program

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The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) Program uses outreach, education, and research to lead the nation in ensuring a safe and wholesome supply of commercial livestock feed. SAFE fosters voluntary compliance with state and federal laws and regulations through educational resources, trainings, and outreach programs. SAFE also provides resources and research opportunities to ensure the safe manufacture and use of commercial feed in a changing livestock feed market. This unique collaboration between SAFE, the feed industry, and researchers benefits both the agricultural community and the consumer.

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About SAFE

California’s poultry, livestock and dairy industries utilize vast amounts of diverse commodities, byproducts, and feed additives. Animal feed must be of high quality, free of contaminants, and good manufacturing practices must be used to ensure a healthy and wholesome supply of meat, milk, and eggs. The quantity and diversity of animal feed commodities used in California makes California the largest manufacturer of animal feed in the U.S. In addition, more stringent state and federal food safety regulations, livestock drug regulations, and environmental policies have impacted the industry over the past decade. SAFE helps the livestock feed industry gain voluntary compliance with regulations to ensure a safe feed supply in a changing market. SAFE continually works to address the needs of the industry by focusing on topics under advisory of the Feed Inspection Advisory Board (FIAB).

How is SAFE funded?

SAFE is part of CDFA’s Commercial Feed Regulatory Program, which is completely industry funded. SAFE is funded by a percentage of the tonnage tax, which is the tax that is paid on each ton of feed sold to livestock producers in the state.

Outreach and Education Activities

SAFE provides educational resources to the feed industry, including guidance documents, workshops, and individual consultations. Educational information is available on this website, in the “Quarterly Feed Update” newsletter, via email subscription, and with outreach visits. SAFE also provides workshops and trainings (in person and virtually) on various feed safety topics, educational audits of feed manufacturers, review of food safety plans, mixer efficiency studies and flush verification testing. SAFE works collaboratively with industry to ensure a safe feed supply.

Recent outreach and education efforts have included the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Veterinary Feed Directives, Almond Hull Quality Assurance, and Human Food Waste Byproducts.


SAFE provides funding through grants for research to support the needs of the California Livestock Feed Industry, based on FIAB recommendations. In 2013, FIAB established the Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TASC) to serve as an expert scientific panel on matters concerning feed and food safety issues. TASC reviews grant proposals and advises FIAB on matters related to funding SAFE research projects.