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County / State Liaison

The County/State Liaison provides a communication link between CDFA and the California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association (CACASA). The office works cooperatively with CACASA and all CDFA Divisions to: address challenges affecting business, agriculture, and the environment; ensure consistent and efficient program delivery; and implement cooperative agreements and memorandums of understanding.

County Licensing Program

The County Licensing Program oversees the administration of qualification exams and issues licenses to successful candidates for Agricultural Commissioner, Sealer of Weights & Measures, and subordinate classifications. This licensing process is required by state statute and is in place to ensure effective and fair interaction between county staff and regulated industries and public. Testing is conducted periodically throughout the year. See the "Exams" link below for more information.

County Notification System (password required)

CDFA Appeal Decisions on County Administrative Actions

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Invasive Species: A Challenge for California

An overview of California's biggest agricultural threat as envisioned by members of the California Invasive Species Advisory Committee. (11:00)

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