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NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-23-3 Law Changes Related to CRV 12/29/23 Retain
QC-23-2 Settlement – Maplebear Inc., a Delaware Corporation (dba Instacart) 02/15/23 Retain
QC-23-1 Clarification on Enforcement of Business and Professions Code § 12024.2 (a) (2) When Applied to Non-CRV Containers; Rescinded DMS Notice QC-15-01 02/15/23 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-22-2 USDA FSIS Rescission of Dual Labeling Requirements for Certain Packages of Meat and Poultry 08/23/22 Retain
QC-22-1 Settlement – Target Corporation, a Minnesota Corporation 06/27/22 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-20-1 Price Gouging – Emergency Response 03/25/20 Retain
QC-20-2 J.C. Penny Corporation Settlement 09/17/20 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-18-1 TRM Manufacturing Settlement 05/07/18 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-17-1 General Mills, Inc. Settlement 02/13/17 Retain
QC-17-2 Tropicana Products, Inc. Settlement 04/11/17 Retain
QC-17-3 Basalite Building Products Settlement 08/29/17 Retain
QC-17-4 Online Grocery Sales and Home Delivery/Curbside Pickup 12/28/17 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-16-1 Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. Settlement 01/20/16 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-15-1 To Rescind Notice DMS Notice QC-10-9 01/13/15 Discard: Rescinded
DMS Notice QC-10-9
QC-15-2 Implementing New Law Created by Assembly Bill (AB) 2251 01/13/15 Retain
QC-15-3 Johnson and Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc;
Johnson and Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNeil-PPC,
Inc.; and Neutrogena Corporation Settlement
01/13/15 Retain
QC-15-4 Target Settlement 02/23/15 Retain
QC-15-5 CVS Pharmacy, Inc. dba CVS Pharmacy Settlement 06/22/15 Retain
QC-15-6 CMR Instructions for documenting CRV Enforcement Activities 07/03/15 Retain
QC-15-7 Genuine Parts Company dba NAPA Auto Parts Settlement 10/13/15 Retain
QC-15-8 Contain-A-Way Settlement 10/13/15 Retain
QC-15-9 The Hershey Company Settlement 10/13/15 Retain
QC-15-10 The Proctor & Gamble Company Settlement 10/14/15 Retain
QC-15-11 Airgas, Inc.; Airgas USA, LLC. Settlement 10/30/15 Retain
QC-15-12 Fair Packaging and Labeling Act 12/17/15 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-14-1 Safeway, Inc. Settlement 03/20/14 Retain
QC-14-2R Whole Foods Market California, Inc. and Mrs. Gooch's Natural Foods Market,
Inc. Settlement
06/30/14 Retain
QC-14-3 CSK Auto, Inc. dba O'Reilly Auto Parts Settlement 07/16/14 Retain
QC-14-4 Lowe's Home Center, LLC. Settlement 09/10/14 Retain
QC-14-5 7-Eleven, Inc. Settlement 10/10/14 Retain
QC-14-6 CVS Pharmacy, Inc. dba CVS Pharmacy Settlement 10/10/14 Retain
QC-14-7 Mars, Inc. Settlement 10/24/14 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-13-1 Walgreen Company Settlement 02/04/13 Retain
QC-13-2 Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc. dba Six Star Pro Nutrition
02/04/13 Retain
QC-13-3 Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market, Inc. Settlement 02/05/13 Retain
QC-13-4 Yogi's Yogurt, LLC Settlement 02/27/13 Retain
QC-13-5 Best Buy Stores, LP Settlement 03/07/13 Retain
QC-13-6 L'Oreal USA S/D Inc. Settlement 04/19/13 Retain
QC-13-7 Kohl's Department Stores, Inc. Settlement 05/17/13 Retain
QC-13-8 Plastics Settlement 08/08/13 Retain
QC-13-9 375-Wind Up, LLC. Dba Milano's Italian Grille Lasagna Settlement 08/20/13 Retain
QC-13-10 Chattem, Inc. (Allegra-branded and Pamprin-branded Products)
08/20/13 Retain
QC-13-11 Toys-R-Us Settlement 12/13/13 Retain
QC-13-12 Blue Rino; Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.; Ferrellgas, LP Settlement 12/13/13 Retain
QC-13-13 Amerigas Propane, Inc.; Amerigas Propane, LP Settlement 12/13/13 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-12-1 Agriculture Production Materials Survey 01/20/12 Retain
QC-12-2 2011 Statewide Price Verification Survey 02/24/12 Retain
QC-12-3 Final Judgement - Golden State Supply LLC & Worldwide Auto Parts, Inc
(CARQUEST Auto Parts)
03/08/12 Retain
QC-12-4 Wal-Mart, Inc - Stipulation to Modify Final Judgment, March 21, 2012 03/23/12 Retain
QC-12-5 Kroger Company - Final Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation,
April 27, 2012
05/02/12 Retain
QC-12-6 Cinemark USA, Inc. - (Proposed) Final Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation,
April 25, 2012
05/04/12 Retain
QC-12-7 Statewide Agriculture Production Materials Survey 07/11/12 Retain
QC-12-8 Platinum U.S. Distribution, Inc., Global Health Technologies Inc.
(SLIMQUICK®) Stipulated Final Judgment Pursuant to Stipulation,
June 20, 2012
08/08/12 Retain
QC-12-9 Tuna Settlement – Bumble Bee Foods, Chicken of the Sea and Starkist 08/15/12 Retain
QC-12-10 Maly's West Inc. Settlement 08/15/12 Retain
QC-12-11 Staples the Office Superstore, LLC Settlement 08/23/12 Retain
QC-12-12 Rite Aid Corporation Settlement 10/18/12 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-11-2 TV Case Settlement and Judgements 01/20/11 Retain
QC-11-3 Tomra Pacific, Inc. Settlement 07/27/11 Retain
QC-11-4 CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Settlement 08/22/11 Retain
QC-11-5 Fastenal Company Final Judgment 10/10/11 Retain
QC-11-6 99¢ Only Stores Stipulated Final Judgment 10/10/11 Retain
QC-11-7 Clorox Company Settlement 12/19/11 Retain
QC-11-8 Grant Laboratories, Inc. Settlement 12/19/11 Retain
QC-11-9 Plastics Settlements (HBL Imports Corporation;
Orion Plastics Corporation; Republic Bag, Inc.; Super Plastic Sales, Inc.;
Union Packaging, Inc.; Wardley Industrial Incorporated;
Yuzhong Packaging, Inc.)
12/19/11 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-10-1 J-M Manufacturing 05/10/10 Retain
QC-10-2 Program Manual
Page listing sections of the Manual
05/25/10 Retain
QC-10-3 Tawa Supermarket, Inc. Welcome Market, Inc. 06/07/10 Retain
QC-10-4 Pep Boys Settlement 06/07/10 Retain
QC-10-5 Petco Settlement 06/10/10 Retain
QC-10-6 Sears, Roebuck, and Company, and Kmart Corporation Settlement 07/26/10 Retain
QC-10-7 Clougherty Packing LLC (Farmer John Brand) Settlement 12/02/10 Retain
QC-10-9 Enforcement of Business and professions Code Section 12024.2
Relating to CRV Containers
12/27/10 Rescinded:
See new
DMS Notice


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-09-1 Subway Restaurants 01/08/09 Retain
QC-09-2 Reckitt Benckiser, Inc. (Mucinex) 01/08/09 Retain
QC-09-3 Statewide Price Verification Survey 05/14/09 Retain
QC-09-4 Ace Hardware Settlement 05/14/09 Retain
QC-09-6 Wal-Mart, Inc. Settlement 05/14/09 Retain
QC-09-7 Labeling of Pelletized Ice Cream 08/20/09 Retain
QC-09-8 Starbucks Corporation Settlement 10/19/09 Retain
QC-09-9 SIREA, Inc. (formerly known as AERIS, Inc.) Settlement 10/19/09 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-08-1 California Redemption Value (CRV) and Similar Overcharges 01/07/08 Retain
QC-08-3 3M Company Settlement 04/09/08 Retain
QC-08-4 Kelly Moore Paint Company, Inc. Settlement 07/14/08 Retain
QC-08-5 Safeway, Inc. Settlement 07/31/08 Retain
QC-08-6 Federal Ruling Relating to the Prohibition of the "Wet Tare" Method of
Determining Net Weight
10/09/08 Retain
QC-08-7 Verbatim Corporation Settlement 10/09/08 Retain
QC-08-8 Target Corporation Settlement 11/05/08 Retain
QC-08-9 Tape-It, Inc. Settlement 11/24/08 Retain
QC-08-10 CSK Auto Inc. (Kragen) Settlement 11/24/08 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-07-1 Statewide Meat Counter Survey and Comparison with the National Survey 05/14/07 Retain
QC-07-2 Application of B&P Code 13300 Customer Display and Indicator
09/20/07 Retain
QC-07-3 Walgreen Company Settlement 12/27/07 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-06-3 Statewide Price Verification Survey 08/16/06 Retain
QC-06-4 Jeremiah's Fine Foods Label 08/17/06 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-05-1 Statewide Beverage Survey 05/19/05 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-04-1 Changes to Redemption Values for Beverage Containers 02/04/04 Retain
QC-04-3 Enhanced Meat Products - Determination of Net Quantity 08/02/04 Retain
QC-04-4 Beverage Survey 09/23/04 Retain
QC-04-5 Statewide Price Verification Survey 09/23/04 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-03-1 Statewide Hardware and Building Materials Survey 01/22/03 Retain
QC-03-2 Statewide Automated Checkstand (Scanner) Survey 03/11/03 Retain
QC-03-4 Statewide Farm, Garden, and Pet Supplies Survey 10/25/03 Retain
QC-03-5 Labeling of Products Sold in Marinade Solutions 10/30/03 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-02-2 Statewide Milling Products Survey 07/02/02 Retain


NO. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
QC-01-1 Inspections in USDA Regulated Establishments 02/13/01 Retain
QC-01-2 Statewide Automated Checkstand (Scanner) Survey 02/24/01 Retain
QC-01-3 Statewide Pharmacy Products Survey 09/14/01 Retain