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No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2022-04 Circular Letter F2022-04
Sample Invoice (Excel)
Field Biosecurity Guide from CDFA State Vet
Top Tips for Keeping your Backyard Birds Healthy
Printable Poultry Poster 2022
4/4/2022 Retain
F2022-03 Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Platform Transition 3/4/2022 Retain
F2022-02 Circular Letter F2022-02
2022 State Rules for California Fairs
Addendum I Summary of Changes for 2022
Addendum II Exhibit Program Guidelines for Fair Management and Exhibit Staff
Addendum III - 2021 Youth Agreement
2022 Secretary's Welcome to the Fair Season Letter
1/6/2022 Retain
F2022-01 2021 Statement of Operations Packet
2021 STOP Template
1/4/2022 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2021-11 Proposition 12 and Junior Livestock Auctions – Updated Letter Coming Soon    
F2021-10 Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Training Reimbursements
Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Training Reimbursement Form and Instruction
10/22/2021 Retain
F2021-09 2021 State Rules Advisory Committee Meeting 10/1/2021 Retain
F2021-08 Construction Projects 9/22/2021 Retain
F2021-07 $50M General Fund Support
Targeted Support Application
7/30/2021 Retain
F2021-06 2021 California Fairs Judges Reference List
Subject 2021 Judges List
7/7/2021 Retain
F2021-05 F2021-05 Fair and Livestock Guidance and Site Specific Plan 5/12/21 Retain
F2021-04 Poultry Health Inspections for 2021 Fair Season
Sample Invoice (Excel)
Biosecurity Practices Poultry Show Exhibit Organizers
California Recommeneded Biosecurity Practices for Poultry Show and Exhibitors
Field Biosecurity Guide from CDFA State Vet
Top Tips for Keeping your Backyard Birds Healthy
4/19/21 Retain
F2021-03 Guidance for Safely Conducting Fairs & Livestock Events 3/26/21 Retain
F2021-02 2020 Statement of Operations + STOP Packet
2020 STOP Template
2/19/21 Retain
F2021-01 Circular Letter F2021-01 and State Rules + Addendum 1/8/21 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2020-17 Training Reimbursements 12/23/2020 Retain
F2020-16 Base Allocation Amendment & 2020 SOW GF 11/30/2020 Retain
F2020-15 Public Workshops - Alternative Fairground Operating Models 11/6/2020 Retain
F2020-14 Cycle 2 -SB 5 Funding Update 10/27/2020 Retain
F2020-13 EMMP Proposed Regulations Comment Period
EMMP Proposed Regulation Notice Text
9/25/20 Retain
F2020-12 Fiscal Year 2020/21 Funding for Fairs
Enclosure to Letter
9/16/20 Retain
F2020-11 2020 State Rules Advisory Committee Meeting 9/9/20 Retain
F2020-10 Fairground Pandemic Shelter Guideline Communication
Attachment A - Communicable or Infectious Diseases OA Guidance June 2020
7/21/20 Retain
F2020-09 Livestock Standard Operating Procedures and Guidance
Ag. Grading and Market Worksite Plan
F2020-08 EMMP Advisory Committee Meeting Update
COVID 19 Resource for Equestrian Facilities in California
4/7/20 Retain
F2020-07 AB1499 (New Fair Funds) Executive Order N-40-20
Attachment A – Sample Board Resolution NFFA
Attachment B – Memorandum of Understanding
4/6/20 Retain
F2020-06 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Awareness and Prevention 3/5/20 Retain
F2020-05 POULTRY HEALTH INSPECTIONS (PHI) – FY 2020/21 Fair Season 3/5/20 Retain
F2020-04 2019 Statement of Operations
2019 STOP Packet
2019 STOP Template
2/4/20 Retain
F2020-03 Development of Current Judges List
California Fairs Judge Reference List
1/29/20 Retain
F2020-02 2020 State Rules for California Fairs and Fair Letters
Secretary Ross 2020 Exhibitor Handbook Letter
Governor's Letter – CA 2020 Fair Season
1/24/20 Retain
F2020-01 Sexual Harassment Training
Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy
2/24/20 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2019-13 State Rules Advisory Committee
Application for State Rules Advisory Committee
10/15/19 Retain
F2019-12 Funding Program
2019-2020 Funding Program Details
10/8/19 Retain
F2019-11 Donated Livestock Pens 9/20/19 Retain
F2019-10 2019 State Rules Advisory Committee Meeting 9/4/19 Retain
F2019-09 Wash Your Hands Buttons – FY 2019/2020 Fair Season 8/2/19 Retain
F2019-08 Required Construction Inspections 7/19/19 Retain
F2019-07 2019 Fairground Shelter Assessment
Yolo County Fairground Maps
6/12/19 Retain
F2019-06 Poultry Health Inspections - FY 2019/2020 Fair Season 4/22/19 Retain
F2019-04 (update) Implementation of AB1499 5/9/19 Retain
F2019-02 AB2396 Employee Sharing 2/8/19 Retain
F2019-01 2019 Youth for the Quality Care of Animals Program Update 2/5/19 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2018-11 2019 State Rules 12/14/18 Retain
F2018-10 2018 Statement of Operations 12/13/18 Retain
F2018-09 2019 YQCA Implementation 11/28/18 Retain
F2018-08 SB 5 De León 10/30/18 Retain
F2018-07 2018 CFA Fall Managers' Conference 10/26/18 Retain
F2018-05 Quality Assurance & Ethics Training Requirements for all California Fairs 10/12/18 Retain
F2018-04 2018 State Rules Advisory Committee Meeting 9/7/18 Retain
F2018-03 2018-2019 Fair Funding Letter 8/1/18 Retain
F2018-02 Poultry Health Inspections - FY 2018/2019 Fair Season 5/24/18 Retain
F2018-01 2018 Livestock Symposium/Judges Conference 2/13/18 Retain