Fair Circular Letters

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No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2020-09 Livestock Standard Operating Procedures and Guidance 4/28/20 Retain
F2020-08 EMMP Advisory Committee Meeting Update
COVID 19 Resource for Equestrian Facilities in California
4/7/20 Retain
F2020-07 AB1499 (New Fair Funds) Executive Order N-40-20
Attachment A – Sample Board Resolution NFFA
Attachment B – Memorandum of Understanding
4/6/20 Retain
F2020-06 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Awareness and Prevention 3/5/20 Retain
F2020-05 POULTRY HEALTH INSPECTIONS (PHI) – FY 2020/21 Fair Season 3/5/20 Retain
F2020-04 2019 Statement of Operations
2019 STOP Packet
2019 STOP Template
2/4/20 Retain
F2020-03 Development of Current Judges List
California Fairs Judge Reference List
1/29/20 Retain
F2020-02 2020 State Rules for California Fairs and Fair Letters
Secretary Ross 2020 Exhibitor Handbook Letter
Governor's Letter – CA 2020 Fair Season
1/24/20 Retain
F2020-01 Sexual Harassment Training
Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy
2/24/20 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2019-13 State Rules Advisory Committee
Application for State Rules Advisory Committee
10/15/19 Retain
F2019-12 Funding Program
2019-2020 Funding Program Details
10/8/19 Retain
F2019-11 Donated Livestock Pens 9/20/19 Retain
F2019-10 2019 State Rules Advisory Committee Meeting 9/4/19 Retain
F2019-09 Wash Your Hands Buttons – FY 2019/2020 Fair Season 8/2/19 Retain
F2019-08 Required Construction Inspections 7/19/19 Retain
F2019-07 2019 Fairground Shelter Assessment
Yolo County Fairground Maps
6/12/19 Retain
F2019-06 Poultry Health Inspections - FY 2019/2020 Fair Season 4/22/19 Retain
F2019-04 (update) Implementation of AB1499 5/9/19 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
F2018-11 2019 State Rules 12/14/18 Retain
F2018-10 2018 Statement of Operations 12/13/18 Retain
F2018-08 SB 5 De León 10/30/18 Retain
F2018-05 Quality Assurance & Ethics Training Requirements for all California Fairs 10/12/18 Retain
F2018-04 2018 State Rules Advisory Committee Meeting 9/7/18 Retain
F2018-03 2018-2019 Fair Funding Letter 8/1/18 Retain
F2018-01 2018 Livestock Symposium/Judges Conference 2/13/18 Retain