Detector Dog Zenna
and Dog Handler Lisa Sampson

Detector Dog Zenna, Alameda County

All About Zenna

BREED: Labrador Retriever

BIRTHDATE: July 4, 2017

WEIGHT: 58 lbs

HANDLER: Lisa Sampson


Zenna is a Yellow Labrador Retriever that came from a private K-9 training vendor in Washington State. Zenna was trained by the USDA to search out and find parcels containing agricultural commodities. Zenna was paired with Lisa Sampson, Alameda County Agricultural Biologist and Canine Handler in April, 2020. Zenna is proving to be a great partner and is very eager to work and find agricultural parcels.

In Zenna’s time off, she enjoys long walks and runs on some of Alameda County’s beautiful rural hiking trails. She enjoys splashing in the water and swimming. Zenna also loves the play yard at her kennel and tries to carry up to 3 toys at once. She is a great dog!