Detector Dog Everest
and Dog Handler Jana Centoni

Detector Dog Everest, Santa Clara County

All About Everest

BREED: Black Labrador

BIRTHDATE: September 26, 2021

WEIGHT: 52 lbs

HANDLER: Jana Centoni

FAVORITE TOY: Wubba Kong, Tennis Ball, Stick or anything else that can be fetched.

FAVORITE PLACE: Anywhere with water.

Everest is a very energetic Black Labrador. She was procured by the USDA National Detector Dog Training Center in Newnan, Georgia from a vendor in South Carolina. Everest was only 13 months old when she made it to the training center where she was partnered with her handler, Jana Centoni. Everest helps to protect California's Agriculture with her highly trained nose by sniffing out unmarked parcels containing plants, fruits and vegetables.

When she is done working for the day, she enjoys hiking, a good game of fetch, or splashing in the water. She can't resist getting the zoomies if her feet touch sand.

Everest's sister, Berty, graduated from the same NDDTC class and is stationed in Santa Clara County.