Detector Dog Berty
and Dog Handler Chris Tyler

Detector Dog Berty, Santa Barbara County

All About Berty

BREED: Labrador Retriever

BIRTHDATE: September 26, 2021

WEIGHT: 54 lbs.

HANDLER: Chris Tyler

FAVORITE TOY(S): Any ball she can chase and play fetch with. Especially in the water.

FAVORITE TREAT: Berty isn't picky. About everything works.

Berty was bred to be a hunting dog or field trial dog by a specialty breeder in South Carolina, but ended up at the NDDTC instead, where she was selected to become an agricultural detector dog. She was partnered with Chris Tyler on April 28th and becomes the second Agricultural dog for the County of Santa Barbara.

When Berty isn’t working, she loves to play fetch, and is a true water dog.

Berty’s sister Everest works for Santa Clara County.

Berty posing

Agriculture detection dogs detect fruits, vegetables and other prohibited items that may carry pests or plant diseases that could possibly harm crops in California.
Source: Santa Maria Times

Doomis the Pest Detection Dog (Source: Santa Maria Sun on Vimeo)

With the help of handler Chris Tyler, Doomis identifies a parcel carrying plant product out of a lineup of boxes at the Santa Barbara County Fair. Read article below.