Detector Dog Major
and Dog Handler Simone Ackermann

Detector Dog Major, Contra Costa County

All About Major

BREED: Labrador Retriever

BIRTHDATE: July 2016

WEIGHT: 78 lbs

HANDLER: Simone Ackermann

FAVORITE TREAT: Freeze-dried minnows (best ever!!)

FAVORITE CHEW: Beef knee caps and cow ears to keep his pearly whites pretty


FAVORITE TOY: A big red Kong

Major, a 78 lb Labrador Retriever, was born in July 2016 and was adopted by USDA from the Humane Society in Elmore County, Alabama in July 2017. He completed agriculture detector dog training at the National Detector Dog Training Center in Georgia in December 2017 and was subsequently transferred to Contra Costa County's dog team detecting packages at parcel delivery facilities. Major has been a dedicated worker for the past six years now and has intercepted countless shipments containing unwanted pests hitchhiking on fruits and plants.

Major is a gentle and playful soul. He is a faithful worker, but also loves his playtime and enjoys sunbathing pool-side when the day's work is done. He is thinking about getting a life-guard gig at the pool when he retires in a couple of years.