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Detector Dog Soya


Dog Handler Samantha Tomlinson

Soya, Detector Dog

paw print Detection Dog Soya

paw print Dogs Keep California Agriculture Safe

Meet Soya, an agriculture detector K-9, and her handler, Samantha Tomlinson, who works for the Fresno County Ag Commissioner's office. Tomlinson and Soya work as the first line of defense to protect California's agriculture industry from potential pests and diseases that can be shipped in packages. Charmayne Hefley reports. Story by Charmayne Hefley and Patrick Cavanaugh.

Source: California Ag Today YouTube Channel


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Dozer The Detector Dog Helps Keep Mail Pests Away From Yolo County Agriculture

Unwanted pests hitching a ride in the mail are a threat to California's billion-dollar agriculture, but they're no match for Dozer the Detector Dog. (CBS 13) (1:41)

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