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Detector Dog Drake


Dog Handler Ted Olsen


Handler Ted Olsen and Detection Dog Drake

On August 2, 2013, County of San Diego Agricultural Detector Dog Drake was alerted to a home box shipped from South Carolina. The box stated “live plants” and was pulled aside by County of San Diego Agricultural Inspectors Ted Olsen and Jaime Garza for further inspection. The box contained a potted Coffea arabica (coffee plant) in soil and had certification for burrowing and reniform nematode, Japanese beetle, and imported fire ant. Hundreds of soft scale insects were observed on the stems and leaves of the coffee plant. The sender was notified of the infestation on their shipment and the coffee plant was destroyed. (Source: CDFA)

Photo: Handler Ted Olsen and Detection Dog Drake


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Unwanted pests hitching a ride in the mail are a threat to California's billion-dollar agriculture, but they're no match for Dozer the Detector Dog. (CBS 13) (1:41)

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