Detector Dog Doomis
and Dog Handler Chris Tyler

Detector Dog Doomis, Santa Barbara County

All About Doomis

BREED: German Shepherd / Labrador Retriever Mix

BIRTHDATE: December 2013

WEIGHT: 70 lbs.

HANDLER: Chris Tyler

FAVORITE TOY(S): Tennis balls and squeaky toys

FAVORITE TREAT: Freeze dried chicken breast, but he isn’t picky about treats

Doomis was picked up as a stray by Animal Control in Barrow County, Georgia. He was rescued by the USDA and trained to become an Agricultural Detector Dog. In August 2015, Doomis was partnered with handler Chris Tyler from Santa Barbara County.

There are two sides to Doomis. When working at the postal carriers, he is a true working dog with a strong work ethic and endless stamina. When he isn’t working, Doomis is a happy dog with a silly sense of humor, who loves belly rubs, long walks, and fetching tennis balls thrown with a chuckit!

Handler Chris Tyler and Detector Dog Doomis
Handler Chris Tyler and Detector Dog Doomis

- Doomis, a 75 lb Shepherd/Hound/Labrador mix, is the first Detector Dog for Santa Barbara County. He was rescued from an animal shelter in Barrow County, Georgia in December 2014 prior to entering the USDA Detector Dog Training Program. Doomis is a happy dog with a strong work ethic and he loves a good belly rub almost as much as he loves checking unmarked packages for agricultural products

Agriculture detection dogs detect fruits, vegetables and other prohibited items that may carry pests or plant diseases that could possibly harm crops in California.
Source: Santa Maria Times

Doomis the Pest Detection Dog (Source: Santa Maria Sun on Vimeo)

With the help of handler Chris Tyler, Doomis identifies a parcel carrying plant product out of a lineup of boxes at the Santa Barbara County Fair. Read article below.