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Detection Dog Bart surrounded by his young fans. (Photographer: Cathy Vue, CDFA)

wedge Detector Dog Bart surrounded by adoring fans.

Retired Detector Dog Bart | Contra Costa Co.

Handler Mariah  and Detector Dog Bart

Both of the Contra Costa County plant quarantine detector dogs were taken from animal shelters. Bella (below) was a “dropout” from a Canine Companions for Independence breeding program because she was too active. Bart (right)was turned in to the ASPCA for chasing chickens. wedge Source: Contra Costa County Agriculture and Weights & Meausures Newsletter - Winter 2009 (PDF)

Photo: Handler Mariah and Detector Dog Bart






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Meet Dozer, Agriculture-Detector Dog

The latest weapon against pests threatening California’s $2 billion agriculture business is Dozer, a canine trained to sniff out fruit insects. (KCRA News) (3:32)

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