Grant Program

Fertilizer Research and Education Program

Each year, FREP solicits proposals for outreach, education, demonstration, and research projects related to the environmentally safe and agronomically sound use and handling of fertilizing materials.

Grant funding of $75,000 per year for up to three years is available for outreach, education, demonstration, and/or research projects addressing funding priorities. Proposals may originate from outside of California, but all project work must be relevant to California agriculture. FREP does not support proprietary product development, testing or promotions.

2023 Grant Cycle

Solicitation Process

The Regular Request for Pre-Proposals (RFP) has a two-phase annual process. Phase I is the submission and review of pre-proposals. After pre-proposals are reviewed, selected projects are invited to Phase II, the submission and review of full proposals.

Each year, new funding priorities are outlined in the Request for Pre-Proposals (RFP), released in November. The two-page pre-proposals are due in December. The Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TASC) reviews the received pre-proposals and recommends select pre-proposals for advancement to Phase II of the process. Announcement of the TASC's decision is made in February.

Examples of successful pre-proposals:

In the competitive grant process, project leaders who are invited to submit full proposals advance to the second phase. Full proposals are due in April. Full proposals are evaluated by TASC members who are subject matter experts and decide which projects to recommend to the Fertilizer Inspection Advisory Board (FIAB). The FIAB meets to discuss the TASC recommendations for final approval. Grant agreements are initiated in the fall and take effect on January 1.

Requirements for Grantees