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Saddle Ridge Fire Animal Evacuations (vND)
Saving human and animal life in the face of natural disasters like fires is always a priority. In the event of an emergency, mandatory evacuation orders have priority over VND quarantine requirements prohibiting bird movement. Ideally, any evacuations that include poultry within the CDFA VND Regional Quarantine Area should be done in a way that minimizes disease threat to other birds, in addition to the birds that are being moved.  If possible, poultry should be moved to a location that does not house any other poultry, and is within the regional quarantine area.  If that is not possible, steps should be taken to minimize risk by:

  1. Isolating the evacuated poultry from the resident poultry (or other groups of poultry)
  2. Keeping all poultry confined (no free roaming poultry, and minimize exposure to wild birds, rodents, and other pets)
  3. Practice biosecurity when caring for and handling the birds (dedicated clothing and footwear, wash hands after handling, and dedicated equipment for each set of group of poultry). For more biosecurity tips visit

This separation is important for protecting them from all poultry diseases, not only during the VND outbreak.

It will be critical to monitor their health carefully for 30 days and report illness or death loss to a veterinarian, the CDFA Sick Bird phone line 1-866-922-BIRD (2473), or contact the CAHFS San Bernardino Diagnostic Laboratory (if in Southern California) Phone: (909) 383-4287.  

Thank you very much for your attention in this matter.

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