Animal Health Branch Newsletter

October 2021

July 2021 Newsletter front cover

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Message from the Chief
Prevent the Misuse of the Animal Product Ivermectin
Job Opening
FAD Investigation Updates
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Update
Brucellosis Regulatory Updates
Equine West Nile Virus 2021 Updates
Swine Biosecurity
Biosecurity Requirements for HPAI Indemnity Eligibility
AUS Updates
Fall/Winter Avian Influenza Season is Around the Corner
CAHEN 2021 Summer Outreach
The Case for 840 RFID Tags
Renewal for Trichomonosis Approved Veterinarians and Laboratories
We’ve Only Just Begun
Pets on Public Transportation
@AHBgov is Live on Facebook!
Staff Biographies
Animal Health Branch Contact Information