California Department of Food and Agriculture

eCertificates of Veterinary Inspection Systems

The California Department of Food and Agriculture encourages accredited veterinarians to use electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspections (eCVI) when a CVI is needed for intrastate or interstate movement of animals. Currently, there are two authorized providers of eCVIs in California.

  • Veterinary Services Processing Streamlining (VSPS), available through the United States Department of Agriculture, allows accredited veterinarians to create eCVIs at no cost. To access the VSPS eInterstate module for eCVIs, all accredited veterinarians need to complete the eAuthentication / Level 2 process at You may find more information at the VSPS website at
  • GlobalVetLink, a private company, also provides an online internet application to create eCVIs for livestock and companion animals, and Equine Infectious Anemia certificates with diagnostic laboratory connectivity. To find out more information about this process, please contact GlobalVetLink, L.C. at or telephone 515-817-5704.