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Animal Disease Traceability

The ability to rapidly trace movements of diseased animals or at-risk animals exposed to disease is essential for a prompt response to an animal disease event. Animal disease traceability does not prevent disease, but is an indispensable element for ongoing disease control programs and for emergency response disease investigations by animal health officials. Federal and state animal health officials, in cooperation with livestock industry stakeholders, developed an animal traceability framework to enhance the ability to trace the movement of livestock. The United States Department of Agriculture has the authority to regulate and promulgate regulations for the interstate movement of livestock.

wedge Notice: Animal Disease Traceability Rule — Effective April 1, 2017

The Department of Food and Agriculture, Animal Health Branch, proposed various changes to Division 2 of Title 3 of the California Code of Regulations. The changes will implement specified requirements (cattle and bison) of the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal Disease Traceability rule (9 CFR Part 86), which establishes official identification and documentation requirements for the traceability of livestock moving between all states, and modifies those requirements as necessary to facilitate movement and husbandry practices unique to California's beef and dairy cattle industries.

Additionally, the regulation changes relocate existing importation, movement and identification regulations for cattle and bison pursuant to specific livestock diseases (bovine brucellosis and tuberculosis, and trichomonosis) into those proposed new animal disease traceability requirements; and deletes outdated requirements, replacing them with updated requirements to reflect current industry practices to enhance existing prevention, control and eradication disease programs.

This regulation has been approved by the Office of Administrative Law and it becomes effective on April 1, 2017.

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Summary of Proposed Regulations Changes – Animal Disease Traceability
Summary of Proposed Regulations Changes – Trichomonosis Program

It is important to verify entry requirements of the destination state before moving livestock and poultry; some states may have additional regulations and requirements.

Identification of premises involved in animal agriculture is an asset to achieving an efficient and effective animal disease traceability program. Producers voluntarily contribute to the effectiveness of the program by obtaining a National Premises Identification Number (NPIN). Producers who have a NPIN are able to order official AIN (840) tags.

To obtain a Premises Identification Number
visit or call 866-325-5681

Animal disease traceability contributes to the safeguarding of animal health. The protection of American animal agriculture, which is vital to the well-being of all U.S. citizens, promotes human health; provides wholesome, reliable, and secure food resources; mitigates national economic threats; and enhances a sustainable environment.

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