Prerequisite Program: Outreach and Education

Safe Animal Feed Education Program

Prerequisite Programs are written procedures, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which can be used to support decisions made in the Hazard Analysis. Prerequisite Programs do not control a hazard as a Preventive Control (PC), but they may minimize the risks associated with that hazard. All prerequisite programs in place at a facility which minimize the risk associated with known and reasonably foreseeable hazards should be referenced in the Hazard Analysis and kept in the Food Safety Plan.

Safe Animal Feed Education Program (SAFE) guidance materials are provided for educational purposes only and do not guarantee adequacy of procedures or compliance with regulations.

The example SOPs and forms below may be used in development of a Food Safety Plan; however, all documents and forms in the Food Safety Plan must be applicable and specific to an individual facility, and reflect the practices actually occurring at that facility.

  1. Prerequisite Program Guidance

    Sample Standard Operating Procedure
  2. Purchasing and Receiving Feed Ingredients

    1. Approved Supplier
  3. Drug Room and/or Concentrated Hand-Add Area

    1. Concentrated Ingredients/Medicated Hand-Adds and Cleanout
  4. Maintenance

  5. Equipment

  6. Clean Out Procedures

  7. Bulk and Sacked Feed Ingredient Storage

  8. Formulas

  9. Production Records

    1. Verification of Production
    2. Record Maintenance and Retention Policy
  10. Labels

  11. Shipment/Distribution Packaging

    1. Load-Out Procedures
    2. Returned Reworked Feed
  12. Recall and Complaint Procedures

    1. Complaints
    2. Hold Procedure
    3. Mock Recall
    4. Recall
  13. Plants and Grounds

    1. Bio-Security
    2. Pest Control
  14. Personnel and Supervision

    1. Personal Hygiene
  15. Quality Control and Laboratory Analysis

    1. Quality Control Sample Schedule

Miscellaneous Documents