Exotic Fruit Fly Regulatory Response Manual Cover

Exotic Fruit Fly Regulatory Response Manual

Regulating Exotic Fruit Fly Quarantines in California

This manual in PDF format is the latest edition of what was formerly known as the Regulatory Response Manual (circa 1996). Originally produced by CDFA and USDA during the successful Los Angeles Basin Mediterranean Fruit Fly Quarantine, this document has now been expanded to describe and explain procedures common to all exotic fruit fly species quarantines in California. This edition incorporates modifications of both field techniques and regulatory documents that have been tested during recent fruit fly quarantines in the State. Its contents reflect constructive criticism offered over the past five years by its users: county, state and federal agricultural officers working on fruit fly quarantine projects.

As new crop trends develop, additional agricultural pest quarantine techniques are adopted, and regulatory priorities change, the Exotic Fruit Fly Regulatory Response Manual can evolve continuously, as a “work-in-progress,” enabling it to always be current.

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