District Agricultural Association Notices Circular Letters

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No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D2024-03 Dymally-Allatore Billingual Services Act Language Survey 4/3/24 Retain
D2024-02 Bagley-Keene and 15 Days Submission
DAA Point of Contacts
2/6/24 Retain
D2024-01 SB-616 Sick Days: Paid Sick Days Accrual and Use
Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Act: California Paid Sick Leave
1/26/24 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D2023-07 D2023-07 circular letter and attachments
CEO Evaluation Guidelines
Training Policy
Vacation Annual Leave
12/29/23 Retain
D2023-06 Bagley Keene Update - SB544 10/10/23 Retain
D2023-05 SB447 Bridge Project: Lifting of Travel Ban 10/10/23 Retain
D2023-04 Leave Usage 8/21/23 Retain
D2023-03 Banned States Update 8/17/23 Retain
D2023-02 Sponsorship Agreement Reviews 8/15/23 Retain
D2023-01 Bagley Keene Exemption Sunset Date – June 30, 2023 8/11/22 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D2022-04 SB915 - Prohibition of Sale of Firearms on State Property 8/11/22 Retain
D2022-03 Employee Travel to States with Discriminatory Laws 07/19/22 Retain
D2022-02 Bagley Keene Update 07/07/22 Retain
D2022-01 Dymally-Allatore Bilingual Services Act Survey 05/11/22 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D2021-01 $40.3M General Fund Support - Phase II
03/19/21 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D2020-07 Property Insurance 07/29/20 Retain
D2020-06 Dymally-Alatorre Bilingual Services Act Language Survey
2.2.1 Dymally-Alatorre Act
07/24/20 Retain
D2020-05 $40.3 Million General Fund Support
Funding Request Application
07/07/20 Retain
D2020-04 CDFA Legal Services for DAAs 06/22/20 Retain
D2020-03 Guidance for Non-Essential Events during COVID-19 05/27/20 Retain
D2020-02 Insurance Coverage Limits – New Requirements 05/18/20 Retain
D2020-01 RV Park Occupancy Agreement
Attachment - Attachment - Sample RV Park Rules
Attachment - Sample RV Park Agreement
02/28/20 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D2019-06 DMV Employee Pull Program
Attachment - Mailing Instructions
11/27/19 Retain
D2019-05 CAL-Card Program 10/11/19 Retain
D2019-04 SB 84 Supplemental Payment 09/27/19 Retain
D2019-03 Rental Agreement 08/30/19 Retain
D2019-02 Governor's Proclamation 04/09/19 Retain
D2019-01 2018 STOP Extension and Pension Update 02/07/19 Retain


No. Subject Issue Date Discard Date
D2018-04 Dymally-Alatorre Bilingual Services Act Language Survey 08/16/18 Retain
D2018-02 Requesting Legal Services from the CDFA Legal Office_ Attorney General's Office 03/15/18 Retain
D2018-01 Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Use of Personal Vehicle 01/10/18 Retain