California Department of Food and Agriculture

Wildlife Services Program

The Wildlife Services Program manages wildlife-related health and safety threats, property, and natural resource damage. The Wildlife Services Program is a USDA/APHIS, State and County partnership that:

  • Provides the residents of California with an official source of professional assistance to resolve human/wildlife conflicts.
  • Collects comprehensive statistics on wildlife damage to agriculture, human health and safety, property and natural resource for protection.
  • Acts as a first line of public defense by monitoring and preventing the spread of diseases in wildlife which may pose threats to humans, as well as to wild and domestic animals.
  • Evacuates and monitor animals of significant risk and provides techinical assistance to protect human food from disease contamination.
  • Provides expertise to minimize the risk of levee breaks or the compromise of other infrastructure (roads, bridges) cavered by burrowing animals.

what you can do to help

If you are experiencing wildlife damage to your property or any other human/wildlife conflict, report the incident immediately to your County Agricultural Commissioner or to USDA/WS. Encourage others to report damage.

Contacts & Assistance:

County Agricultural Commissioners & Sealers

USDA/APHIS Wildlife Damage Management

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services