Biosecurity for Swine, Sheep & Goats

The goal of a biosecurity program is to keep out new pathogens and to minimize the impact of endemic pathogens.  Farm security can be defined as the planning and implementation of a program to minimize various types of risk that can have detrimental effects on a farm operation with swine, sheep and goats.  Risk factors for security of a farm and biosecurity on the farm are unique to that farm.  Therefore, each biosecurity plan should be farm specific. 

Quick Tips

  • Bring in only clean breeding stock verified by a swine, sheep or goat veterinarian
  • Do not add new animals to the farm without a quarantine period (30 to 60 days)
  • Do not allow animals to return from fairs, shows, or exhibitions
  • Do not allow other domestic or wild animals to have contact with the pigs, sheep or goats, feed stuffs or water sources
  • Prevent disease transfer via animal transportation, human contact, other vehicular traffic, or equipment used with more than one animal or used at other locations such as a buying station, slaughter plant, or off-site farm
  • Implement a manure disposal and waste management plan
  • Employ veterinary services to help implement herd health programs

Quick Farm Security Tips

  • Develop or update a risk management plan and share it with employees, family, and local law enforcement
  • Identify areas or activities where threats might occurs and increase security in those areas
  • Train all people involved with the livestock operation to recognize and report clinical signs of foreign animal diseases
  • Limit farm entry to one gated road.  Keep the gate locked when not in use
  • Have only one (clearly marked) entryway for use by visitors
  • Designate a specific area for visitor parking, and post signs to inform all visitors of the rules
  • Maintain a record of non-service visitor names
  • Develop a system that easily identifies visitors
  • Screen prospective employees and consult your veterinarian for more useful tips.
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Immediately report any unusual or suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity to local enforcement

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