Backyard Biosecurity for Poultry

To report sick birds call toll free....Sick Bird Hotline 1-866-922-BIRD (2473)

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If you deal directly with poultry or pet birds, protecting your birds against disease should be a priority. Developing and implementing an effective biosecurity plan is essential toward that goal. Diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) can strike poultry and pet birds quickly and cause significant mortality and economic loss. Consequently, all bird owners need to be vigilant. Become familiar with signs of disease in birds. Report sick birds to your veterinarian or to the Sick Bird Hotline 866-922-2473. Remember, biosecurity measures must be practiced diligently, every day, without fail or exception to be effective.

Quick Tips

  1. When obtaining birds isolate them away from other birds for 30 days before adding them into your flock. This will reduce the risk of introducing disease into the original flock.
  2. Your birds should not have contact with wild birds including game birds and migratory waterfowl, rodents or insects as these may carry disease organisms. Outdoor birds should be kept in a screened in area to minimize exposure to diseases.
  3. Always obtain birds from reputable disease-free sources that practice good biosecurity methods.
  4. Obtain feed from clean dependable suppliers and store the feed in containers that are bird, rodent, and insect proof. Provide clean fresh water to your birds at all times.
  5. Restrict access by visitors onto the premises where your birds are housed. Do not allow people who own other birds to come in contact with your birds.
  6. Consult your local veterinarian for more useful tips.