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Secure Food Supply (SFS) Plans

Secure Food Supply plans are designed to provide guidance to producers and animal health responders for maintaining continuity of business while, most importantly, effectively controlling and eradicating disease during a foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak.

Continuity of business can be defined as: the management of non-infected premises and non-contaminated animal products in the event of an FAD outbreak. Continuity of business provides science- and risk-based approaches and systems as a critical activity in any FAD response. This helps agriculture and food industries maintain typical business or return to business during a disaster response, while the risk of disease spread is effectively managed. (USDA APHIS FAD Ready Reference Guide – Overview of the Secure Food Supply (SFS) Plans; December 2015).

The species or commodity specific plans are made up of components including preparedness, biosecurity recommendations, surveillance standards, and movement and permitting guidelines, focusing on major relevant FADs, such as highly pathogenic avian influenza, and foot and mouth disease.

Nationally, the plans are funded by USDA APHIS National Preparedness and Incident Coordination (NPIC), and are developed by collaborative effort between the Center for Food Security and Public Health (CFSPH), academia, government, and industry representatives. For more information, visit CFSPH Secure Food Supply or the species or commodity specific project websites:

The overarching goals of these plans include:

  • Avoid lengthy interruptions in animal/animal product movement to commercial processing from farms with no evidence of infection during a foreign animal disease outbreak;
  • Provide a continuous supply of wholesome food to consumers;
  • Maintain business continuity for producers, haulers, and food processors through response planning.

In California, CDFA is working to produce guidance, response plans, and outreach suited for California’s unique livestock and poultry industry, while mirroring and incorporating the developments of the national plans. Our efforts are focused on streamlining the common, all-commodity concepts within SFS plans for farm premises, haulers, and processors, and addressing industry-unique characteristics as needed. We recently released the guidance document for farm premises: California Secure Food Supply: Industry Standards for Pre-Certification and Permitting in the Event of a Notifiable Animal Disease – Farm Premises.