Pets & Species Whose Primary Regulator Is Not Animal Health Branch

While the Department has a limited role in pet and wildlife diseases, there are certain diseases that can be shared between pets and livestock such as Rabies and Screwworm. Diseases can also be shared between livestock and wildlife such as Tuberculosis and Brucellosis. For most diseases of pets your first point of contact for information should be your private practitioner.

In some instances, diseases can infect people as well as animals; these diseases are overseen by the California Department of Public Health, Veterinary Public Health.

If you would like to know more about the movement requirements for pets, please see the Animal Entry tab on the Animal Health Branch home page.

Regulatory Diseases of Concern in Cats & Dogs

Rabies is a viral disease affecting all mammals that is invariably fatal if not treated. Cases are diagnosed in livestock, as well as in dogs, cats, and wildlife. CDFA, along with the California Department of Public Health, monitors cases in livestock.

Screwworms are fly larvae (maggots) that feed on living flesh. These parasites can infect any warm-blooded animal. Screwworms enter wounds as small as an insect bite and feed on living tissue in the area. If untreated, screwworm infestations can be fatal. In the US, Screwworm is a Foreign Animal Disease reportable within 24 hours of diagnosis. Screwworms have most recently entered the U.S. in dogs that have been imported from areas of the world where the flies are endemic.

Regulatory Disease of Concern in Deer

Regulatory Disease of Concern in Rabbits