CDFA Inspection Services Division

Inspection Services Division

1220 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814  •

Inspection Services is a division within the California Department of Food and Agriculture(CDFA). California currently produces over 400 different crops which enter state, national, and international commerce.

  • Inspection and Compliance: Inspect fruits, vegetables and nuts to ensure maturity, grade, size, weight, packaging and labeling meet the consumers' quality expectations. Perform verification audits to ensure good handling and agricultural practices are utilized to contribute to a safe food supply.
  • Center for Analytical Chemistry: Conduct chemical analysis in support of food and environmental safety.
  • Feed, Fertilizer and Livestock Drug Regulatory Services: Ensure fertilizer, animal feed, and livestock drugs are safe and effective, and meet the quality and quantity guaranteed by the manufacturer. This helps prevent toxins and contaminants from entering the food chain.

wedge Transporting Agricultural Products, Plants & Animals into California; and Border Station Questions