Services Provided

Shipping Point Inspection Program

Shipping Point Inspection is the largest type of inspection activity in the program. Inspection service users can request inspection to be done in the field, at packing houses, or at cold storage facilities. Inspectors can certify California produced commodities as to quality (grade), condition, size, net weight, temperature, and other factors required by users.

Terminal Market Inspection is available from SPI employees in nearly all offices statewide and in Federal offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This type of inspection normally occurs at a receiving point as a result of a dispute between a seller and buyer. A small number of Federal employees are authorized to travel world wide to conduct receiving point inspections for users. More information about this international service is available from USDA in Washington, D.C.

Continuous Inspection is a program authorized by USDA where a contract applicant may affix a USDA shield or "Continuous Inspection" language to containers to indicate that all packed products are inspected by USDA.

Imported products are regularly inspected at the U.S. border crossings. Several products, such as tomatoes and kiwifruit, are covered by US import requirements and must meet minimum quality and/or size levels before being permitted to be brought into the US. Other products are inspected solely for user information.

Export inspections on table grapes, apples are required under Acts of US Congress. The Acts were established by industry request in order to promote sales of these products in foreign countries, to require all shippers to export at a minimum grade and to promote high quality US products.

Institutional Inspection is conducted in various districts statewide. Inspectors verify that products will meet the specifications stated in the institutional purchase contract.

DPSC inspections assure that products purchase by the military meet military purchase specifications.

GAP/GHP Food Safety Services are offered to growers and handlers of agricultural products. Federal-State Inspection Services personnel review participating companies' facilities and agronomic practices and documentation to help determine if "Good Agricultural Practices" and "Good Handling Practices" are being maintained. USDA Specialty Crops Program