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In light of the November 28, 2022 Joint Stipulation and Order in California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, et al. v. Ross, et al. (Sacramento County Super. Ct., Case No. 34-2021-80003765), until further notice CDFA will issue a pork distributor registration upon receiving a completed CDFA Form ACP 73-002 [Rev. 12/2022], even if the form is not accompanied by a self-certification or certificate of compliance.

Below you will find links to outreach material that is specific to stakeholders affected by Prop 12. If you cannot find a resource that answers your questions about Prop 12, contact us and we will work to provide you with the correct resources.

Outreach Materials For Stakeholders

Prop 12 - Shipping Document Marking Requirements

In this video, Dr. Liz Cox, program manager for the Animal Care program discusses required markings on shipping documents for Prop 12. These marking are a requirement of Prop 12.