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Plant Pest Diagnostics Center

Robert Price

Dr. Robert Price

Senior Seed Botanist

Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch, California Department of Food & Agriculture
3294 Meadowview Road, Sacramento, CA 95832-1448, U.S.A.
916-738-6700 office, 916-262-1190 fax, robert.price@cdfa.ca.gov


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Curriculum vitae


  • Ph.D. (Botany) – 1987, University of California, Berkeley.
  • M.S. (Botany) – 1979, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • B.A. (Biology) – 1976, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.


  • Systematics of the Brassicaceae.
  • Systematics of the conifers.
  • Molecular systematics.
  • Seed identification and diversity.


  • 2013-present: Senior Seed Botanist, Plant Diagnostics Branch, California Department of Food and Agriculture.
  • 2009-2013: Associate Seed Botanist, Plant Diagnostics Branch, California Department of Food and Agriculture.
  • 2001-2009: Technical Editor and Biological Consultant; advisor to the Conifers Around the World project.
  • 1993-2000: Assistant Professor of Botany, University of Georgia.
  • 1990-1993: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biology, Indiana University.
  • 1987-1990: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States project, New York State Museum & Harvard University.


  • 2014-present: Research Associate.  Center for Plant Diversity, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis


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  • Introductory Botany
  • Plant Taxonomy
  • Dendrology


  • Principles of Plant Systematics
  • Computer Assisted Methods in Plant Systematics
  • Biology of the Conifers (Seminar Coordinator)
  • Origins and Diversity of Crop Plants (Seminar Coordinator)


  • Seed and Fruit Identification in Brassicaceae. CDFA, Sacramento, California
  • Identification of Genera of Brassicaceae. University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Species identification in Draba (Brassicaceae). University of Colorado, Boulder


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (1982-present)
  • American Society of Plant Taxonomists (1979-present)
  • Botanical Society of America (1980-present)
  • International Society of Plant Taxonomists (1986-present)