California Department of Food and Agriculture

CDFA Pierce's Disease
Research Scientific Advisory Panel

The CDFA PD Research Scientific Advisory Panel is composed of scientists with expertise in research areas directly applicable to Pierce’s disease and its vectors. It provides input and expertise on the research effort.

Click here for the 2015 Research Progress Reports on Pierce's Disease and Other Pests and Diseases of Winegrapes. (PDF)

Pierce's Disease Research Symposium Proceedings

Almost every year since 2001, the PDCP has organized an annual research symposium focused on Pierce's disease and its vectors. Approximately 100 people attend these meetings to share information and learn more about the research progress being made against Pierce's disease. A collection of year-end research progress reports is prepared each year and distributed at the Symposium. These documents, known as the Proceedings, are available via the links listed below. Although Symposia were not held in 2012 or 2015, collections of progress reports were still prepared and are included in the list below.