Hi boys and girls! My name is Metric Mutt. Welcome to the world of metrics and weights and measures. I think you are going to learn some really fun and interesting things about measurement.
To get you started, I am going to give you my weight, height, and length in U.S. customary measures. Then, you can change my measurement into metric measures. If you need help, there is an online calculator link below.

Use the keyboard to type letters in the boxes below. Only ONE number can go in each box. If the box shows a ' * ', then you know that you chose the wrong number. To try again, delete the ' * ' and type in your next choice. You can also print this page to complete later.
U.S. Customary
Weight = 60 lbs.
(Clue: 2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram)
Kilograms =
Length = 40 inches
(Clue: 1 foot = 30 centimeters)
Centimeters =
Height = 20 inches
Centimeters =

To learn more about metrics or weights and measures, choose any of the following links:

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