Beaker - A jarlike container of glass or metal used in a scientific laboratory. Civilization - The way of life of a people - ancient Egyptian civilization. Commerce - The buying, selling, or trading of goods between cities, states, or countries. Cup - A standard measuring cup holds 8 ounces or 16 tablespoons of liquid or dry measure.

Day - A 24 hour period of time. Decade - A period of 10 years. Degree - One of the divisions marked on a measuring instrument (like a thermometer). Fahrenheit - Refers to a thermometer scale; degrees (air temperature).

Gallon - A unit of U.S. liquid measure that equals 4 quarts. Hour - A period of 60 minutes; one of the 24 divisions of a day. Laboratory - A place equipped for making scientific experiments and tests. Length - The measured distance from one end to another of the longer or longest side of an object.

Measurement - A system of measures that measures count, length, volume, time and weight. Metric System- A system of measurement created by the French Academy of Sciences in 1875. Metric measures of length & distance are based on the meter and the number 10. Pound - A unit of weight that equals 16 ounces. Quart - A unit of measure that equals 2 pints.

Scale - A device for weighing things. Thermometer - An instrument used for measuring different types of temperature. Ton - A unit of weight that equals 2000 pounds. Unit - A definite amount of time, length, volume, or weight used as a standard of measurement.

Week - A period of 7 days beginning with Sunday and ending with Saturday. Weights & Measures Official - Government employees who make sure that everyone follows the rules and laws so no one gets cheated. Weights & Measures Standards - Something that is used as a model of comparison in measuring capacity, quantity, content, or the value of things. (Baking measurements, like one teaspoon. Yard - A measure of length that equals 3 feet or 36 inches.

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