BIPOC Producer Advisory Committee

Overview: California BIPOC Producer Advisory Committee Overview

The California BIPOC Producer Advisory Committee shall advise the Secretary on matters pertaining to the implementation of the Farmer Equity Act, and recommendations contained within the Farmer Equity Report, including but not limited to all efforts to ensure socially disadvantaged roducers and ranchers are better served through CDFA’s programs, policies and communications.


  • The BIPOC Producer Advisory Committee shall be comprised of 12 members
  • All members will be self-identified BIPOC individuals
  • At least 1 of the 10 members will be a member of a Federally or CA State Recognized Tribe or at least one member will be a representative of a Tribal organization
  • 2 members of a non-profit organization representing or serving primarily BIPOC producers in California
  • 2 members of a university or community college focused on research related to small-scale BIPOC producers
  • 1 member of an organization providing technical assistance to small-scale and BIPOC producers
  • 6 of the committee members will be BIPOC producers. Prior members of the ad-hoc advisory committee and/or affiliation with AB 1348 the Farmer Equity Act / CA Producer Justice Collaborative Governance Committee will be given priority consideration, but all are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities and Terms

The BIPOC Producer Advisory Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis, four times per calendar year. The meetings will be held in January, April, August and October.

Members should plan to attend each of the quarterly meetings (January, April, August, October). At least one of the quarterly meeting will be a joint meeting with the Small-Scale Producer Advisory Committee and/or the CDFA State board.

Appointments are for four years terms

Length of Term: 4 years

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly ( Virtual Meeting)

Open for Applications:

Link to Press Release

External Technical Advisory Review Panel

An external review committee will be formed during the application process in order to review and recommend candidates for the committee. A separate application will be posted here once available.

During the first year of service, committee members will have access to a series of trainings/workshops organized by CDFA’s Farm Equity Advisor, on CDFA structure, programs, and overviews of state government and Legislative processes. These trainings are optional but offered as a component of service on this committee. Producer members will also have access to a mentorship opportunity with a member of another CDFA board/commission, such as the State board, to allow members to fully develop an understanding of CDFA’s processes and programs.

Application Process

An application will be available in English and Spanish for interested members to apply for the program.

There will be an external application review committee created to review applications and recommend final members to the Secretary for approval and confirmation of membership.

Meeting Structure/ Bagley Keene Considerations

Meetings will be public in accordance with the Bagley Keene Act for Open Meetings.

Meetings will be held virtually in order to accommodate the needs and schedules of producers, especially during the summer months.

Agenda and meeting materials will be posted 10 days before the date of the meeting, in English and Spanish. Meeting notes will be posted within 7 days after the meeting, also in English and Spanish.

Translation of written materials will be provided to accommodate for members who do not speak English. This will ensure that committee members can participate fully. CDFA will work individually with committee members to understand and accommodate language needs.

Board Contact: Thea Rittenhouse

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