Small Producer Outreach Program

Egg Safety and Quality Management Program

The Small Producer Outreach Program within the Egg Safety and Quality Management (ESQM) Program provides outreach, education and resources to small flock egg producers and backyard enthusiasts. The mission of the outreach program is to offer important information and resource materials to backyard bird owners and to help educate small flock egg producers in food safety and bio-security. ESQM strives to ensure safe and wholesome shell eggs for the local community. By partnering with small flock producers, ESQM also hopes to prevent the spread of highly contagious poultry disease to the California egg industry.

ESQM offer several Small Producer Workshops (SPW) each year, held in different counties throughout the State. These workshops take place from March through October annually and are geared for producers with less than 3,000 birds. The workshops are a one-day event where participants learn about bio-security, regulatory requirements and general chicken information. The workshops are interactive with hands-on activities and networking opportunity. One of the goals of the workshop is to help participants incorporate what they've learned into their egg producing practices. Attendees also receive a certificate of participation, along with take home materials with resources.

The outreach program attends various poultry shows and school agriculture awareness functions throughout the year. We offer handouts and information regarding good bio-security practices and how to maintain a healthy flock. Resources for future concerns or questions are made readily available.

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