California Department of Food and Agriculture

Bureau of Livestock Identification

Cowboy Riding Herd


  • Whenever cattle are sold or ownership is transferred.
  • Prior to transportation out of any designated modified point-of-origin inspection area, for purposes other than sale or slaughter and no change of ownership is involved.
  • Prior to transportation out of state.
  • Upon entry into a registered feedlot.
  • Prior to slaughter.
  • Prior to release or sale from a public saleyard or public or private cattle sales market.

Documents Required When Cattle Are Being Transported Must Be Exhibited To Any Brand Inspector Or Peace Officer Upon Request

  • When brand inspection is required, an original or supplemental brand inspection certificate must accompany the cattle.
  • A Bill of Sale or Consignment (Yellow Slip) must accompany all cattle transported within the state when no brand inspection or salesyard outbilling is required.



is amended to read: Any person that takes up an estray animal shall confine it in a secure place, and shall immediately file with the secretary a notice containing all of the following:

  • A description of the animal seized.
  • The marks and brands, if any.
  • The probable value of the animal.
  • A statement of the date and place where it was taken up and confined.
  • Fences and Caltrans

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