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  • Q: When is a Brand Inspection Required?
  • A:
    1. When cattle are sold or ownership transferred
    2. Prior to movement out of state
    3. Prior to slaughter
    4. Upon entry to registered feedlot
    5. Prior to release from a Salesyard
    6. Prior to movement out of a modified point of inspection
    7. Prior to movement from a premises designated a quarantined

  • Q: How do I apply to register a brand?
  • A: You must submit a brand application along with a $70.00 fee to the Brand Registrar.

  • Q: Do I need a brand inspection on my horse?
  • A: No, a brand inspection is not required for a horse in California.

  • Q: Is a brand inspection required on cattle that does not have a brand?
  • A: Yes, all cattle must be brand inspected when it is required whether or not they have a brand.

  • Q: Who do I call to get my cattle brand inspected?
  • A. Brand inspectors cover every county of the state. You can contact the Bureau of Livestock Identification at 916-900-5006 for the brand inspector in your area or you can find a list on the Livestock ID home page.