AgVision Framework

It is the policy of the State of California that agriculture is a strategic resource necessary to support a sustainable food production and delivery system as well as a vibrant natural resource base in California that promotes healthy citizens, thriving communities and a healthy environment.

This new California food policy unleashes solutions to the obstacles that compromise our ability to profitably produce food.

Three policy priorities can result in a sustainable agri-food system for California:

  • Better health and well-being for Californians
  • A healthier state and world
  • Thriving communities
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Better Health and Well-being: Meeting the Nutrition Needs of California's Diverse Population

By 2030...
  • Consumers have a California food supply at the highest possible level of safety using best management practices that protect California's unique natural resources.
  • All Californians have access to healthy food, understand the importance of meeting the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and have fundamental knowledge about how food is grown and prepared for the table.
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A Healthier Planet: Agricultural Stewardship of the Natural Resource Base upon which California and Food Production Depends

By 2030...
  • A reliable water supply and conveyance system assures adequate quality and quantity of water to meet the needs of California and to sustain agriculture's prominence as a global food producer.
  • Agricultural land resources are conserved to maintain California's thriving agricultural economy and healthy ecosystems.
  • An updated regulatory system recognizes and fosters ecosystem services provided by working farms and ranches and encourages the sustainability of our food supply.
  • Natural and agricultural resources are protected from plant and animal diseases by preventing the entry and establishment of invasive species and disease.
  • Agriculture will help meet California's climate change goals through innovative management practices and technologies that recognize the unique opportunities in agriculture to reduce green house gas emissions.
  • Agriculture has adapted to changes in climate and maintained its competitive advantage in the global food production system.
  • California agriculture is a leader in providing renewable energy resources for California.
  • California agriculture is a leader in applying innovation to improve air quality conditions in California.
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Thriving Communities: Food Production is a Driver of Sustainable California Economic Growth.

By 2030...
  • California's economy is strengthened through growth of a vibrant agricultural sector by promoting healthy consumption, export market expansion for a growing world population and job creation.
  • Consumers worldwide view California as the supplier of the highest quality and most nutritious food products using the most sustainable practices.
  • California agricultural policies encourage and foster diverse agricultural production systems to meet a variety of market demands.
  • Agriculture is a highly desirable green career of choice and will have a stable, well educated and trained workforce.
  • Research and extension of research stimulates innovation and adaptability to keep California's agri-food system the world's most productive, profitable and environmentally sound.

Click here for draft action items that were extracted from listening sessions and submitted public testimony.

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The California Agricultural Vision project is made possible in part by grants administered by:

  • Columbia Foundation
  • Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
  • S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
  • California Agricultural Technology Institute
  • California State University Agricultural Research Initiative
Special thanks to American Farmland Trust for their continued work.