AG Vision - Growing Opportunity

California Agricultural Vision

California agriculture is growing opportunity—for farmers and ranchers, farmworkers, individuals and communities—and is demonstrating leadership on climate action.

Ag Vision is not just a plan for farmers and ranchers—it’s a plan for every Californian

Ag Vision centers on growing opportunity—for farmers and ranchers, farmworkers, individuals and communities—and is demonstrating leadership on climate action. The plan—which will guide areas of focus for CDFA and serve as a catalyst for action with farmers and ranchers, and other California agencies and partners—is being hailed as not just a plan for agriculture, but a plan to benefit every Californian.

Our Vision and Pathways to Achievement

What is the desired future we want to create? What are we all working so hard to achieve? We understand many in agriculture are facing their share of challenges. Ag Vision is about flipping the switch on the current state in which some feel agriculture in California is facing existential threats and instead envisioning a future where opportunity is abundant. Under this desired future, opportunity abounds for current and future generations of farmers and ranchers, from multi-generational families to new beginning farmers. Individuals also benefit—from farmworkers and communities adjacent to where food grows to people who enjoy and receive the bounty of what’s grown here. Importantly, the opportunity is ripe to tackle what has been called “the” challenge for younger generations: climate change. California farmers have always been at the forefront of innovation, and opportunity exists to put this innovative spirit to work and serve as leaders in growing food and agricultural products in a way that contributes to and makes the world and environment better.

A Recommitment to our Purpose

Ag Vision and the leadership behind it first developed a purpose statement for California agriculture in 2017. At the time, consumers in California and beyond were showing decreased levels of trust in everything from public institutions, private entities, and even non-governmental organizations. Although trust continues to decline, the articulation and demonstration of a clear purpose for how an organization—or in this case, the entire California agricultural community—benefits society may help counteract and re-build trust.In our view, there could be no better industry to articulate a purpose than agriculture. Food—healthy and sustainably grown food—is the foundation not only for health and wellness but also for allowing people and communities to thrive. What’s more, the methods by which food is grown can not only yield public benefits but also contribute to environmental resilience, ensuring working landscapes for generations to come. The following statement, developed in 2017, continues to resonate today:

Purpose Statement: Making California a better place to live because of what we grow and how we grow it.
A Plan for All:

Small-Scale and Historically Underserved Producers

The California State Board of Food and Agriculture, along with California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), continue to be focused on equity. This means ensuring small-scale and historically underserved farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to become more involved with the State Board, CDFA, and throughout government—and Ag Vision is no exception. Nearly 1 in 4 or 20% of California producers are members of a historically underserved (socially disadvantaged) group and many of these farmers are also small-scale farmers, operating on less than 100 acres.

Ag Vision was created with multiple inputs from a diverse set of agricultural stakeholders. One-on-one interviews were held with members of an Ag Vision task force representing the diversity of geographic regions and crops grown in California, and members of the State Board of Food and Agriculture. Seven virtual roundtable discussions occurred with various segments of California agriculture – from dairy and livestock farmers to berry growers and tree nut producers—along with processors and supply chain partners and historically underserved farmers.

California farmers and ranchers are making California a better place to live because of what they grow and how they grow it.

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Strategic Priority: Foster Climate-Smart, Resilient, and Regenerative Food Systems

Support efforts that improve agriculture’s effect on the environment, encourage wise stewardship of water and natural resources, eliminate waste and are regenerative, e.g., practices that enhance ecosystems and improve the land.

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Strategic Priority: Build Healthy, Local Communities

Invest in local and socially disadvantaged communities—with emphasis on the diverse populations who often work at and with, and live adjacent to California farms—while supporting equity and the California economy through nutritious, California-grown farm products.

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Strategic Priority: Drive Next Generation Talent and Tools

Support workforce development programs aimed at attracting, supporting, and providing high-quality jobs and leadership opportunities for a diverse agricultural workforce, while also driving research and real-time feedback from farmers and ranchers to stimulate and accelerate innovation to solve problems and build opportunities.

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Strategic Priority: Enhance Understanding of Agriculture

Serve as the voice for California farmers and ranchers within the administration and with other agencies, and support the engagement of urban and rural audiences.

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Strategic Priority: Collaborate on Smarter Regulations

Work with other state agencies, stakeholders, and the administration to explore and support smarter regulations that rethink ways to both meet public obligations and support farmers with regulatory compliance and implementation. We do this through: 1) permitting and regulatory processes, 2) grant and loan programs, and 3) communication, coordination and collaboration.

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