California Department of Food and Agriculture

State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program

State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program

Item Tentative Timeframe*
Notification of funding (solicitation release) December 28, 2018
Grant Applications Due March 8, 2019
Review Process March – June 2019
Announce and Award Funding June 2019
* Subject to change.

What is SWEEP?
The State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) provides financial assistance in the form of grants to implement irrigation systems that reduce greenhouse gases and save water on California agricultural operations.

How many projects have been funded so far?
CDFA has made grant awards to 614 projects covering over 113,994 acres. $62.7 million has been awarded to date, with more than $40.8 million in matching funds contributed by awardees.

What types of projects are eligible?
Eligible system components include (among others) soil moisture monitoring, drip systems, switching to low pressure irrigation systems, pump retrofits, variable frequency drives and installation of renewable energy to reduce on-farm water use and energy.

What have been the benefits of SWEEP?
Along with helping farmers and ranchers save water and reduce their energy costs, SWEEP results in environmental benefits as well. CDFA estimates that over 75,368 metric tons of CO2e will be reduced annually, the equivalent of removing 16,139 cars from the road for one year (based on emissions reductions equivalent). Moreover, SWEEP projects will help save over 101,050 acre-ft of water water annually, enough to fill 50,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Who can I contact for more information?
If you have questions about SWEEP, please e-mail


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Climate Smart Agriculture: Rossow Farms

Episode 1: SWEEP has had a positive effect on Seth Rossow’s family owned farm, Rossow Farms which is located in Merced, San Joaquin County. (4:06)

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