CDFA and CalEPA Regulatory Alignment Study

In November 2022, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) contracted with Crowe LLP and their partner, Blankinship & Associates, (collectively, Crowe) to conduct a regulatory alignment study. CDFA, in collaboration with the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board), are working with Crowe to evaluate agriculture’s food safety and water quality regulatory reporting requirements as part of an effort to streamline the administrative processes and optimize information collected by the state. As part of the process, Crowe will map current CDFA and State Water Board ag-related food safety and water quality reporting requirements and prepare a final report with recommendations. The study is projected to be completed by 2025.

What is the goal of the Regulatory Alignment Study?

To meet this goal, Crowe will be responsible for the study’s five (5) objectives:

  1. Evaluate state regulatory requirements within the areas of water quality and food safety for the agricultural community and identify environmental and public health protections.
  2. Conduct listening sessions to gather input from the agricultural community relating to their experiences with the reporting requirements and process in these areas.
  3. Convene the agricultural community and regulators to review and map existing regulatory pathways for water quality and food safety to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and information sharing.
  4. Identify and prepare implementation plans for recommended process improvements to streamline reporting requirements.
  5. Provide recommendations to CDFA, CalEPA, and the State Water Board for technological enhancement to ease the administrative burden of the agricultural community.

How can I stay involved in the Regulatory Alignment Study?

There will be multiple opportunities for stakeholder and community input:

Upcoming Events

Listening Sessions
Will be scheduled for Summer 2023.

How to stay informed

Updates will be posted to this page throughout the study.

Questions, feedback, or comments can also be submitted to CDFA at RegulatoryAlignmentStudy​