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Detector Dog Tanner


Dog Handler Stephan Armfield

Tanner, Detector Dog

paw print Detector Dog Tanner

Tanner is a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever rescued from a shelter in Forsyth County, Georgia. After demonstrating he had the desired qualities for a detection canine, he was admitted to the USDA National Detector Dog Training Center in Newnan, Georgia. During his training, Tanner learned to scratch on boxes containing guavas, stone fruit, apples, mangos, and citrus fruits. In September, 2015, Tanner and his new handler successfully completed the training program. Shortly thereafter, he arrived in California to join the Sacramento County Department of Agriculture. Tanner’s training continues as he learns to alert on boxes containing additional agricultural products. He and his handler, Stephan Armfield, visit parcel facilities searching for these boxes like a game of hide-and-seek. While it may be a fun game for Tanner to receive treats and praise as his reward, his job performs a serious service. Plants, fruits, soil, etc., can be hosts to invasive insects and diseases which can harm California’s agriculture and natural habitats. When Tanner is not having fun sniffing boxes, he enjoys going on hikes, rolling in the grass, and playing fetch.

YouTube TV

Dozer The Detector Dog Helps Keep Mail Pests Away From Yolo County Agriculture

Unwanted pests hitching a ride in the mail are a threat to California's billion-dollar agriculture, but they're no match for Dozer the Detector Dog. (CBS 13) (1:41)

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