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Detector Dog bishop and Handler Kristina

Handler Kristina and Detector Dog BishopExotic pests pose a threat to agriculture in both San Bernardino County and across California. On average, a new pest is introduced into California every 60 days. Each year, these insects and diseases cost our state’s agricultural industry approximately $3 billion in crop losses, export losses due to new quarantine restrictions, and pest control/eradication costs.

Bishop is part of San Bernardino County's two detector dog teams inspecting packages at parcel delivery facilities like FedEx and UPS. When potentially illegal agricultural products are sent to California in un-marked packages, the only way we can find out whether they contain agricultural products is to employ a powerful nose.

Detection Dog Bishop is an animal shelter rescue and is trained to inspect parcels and to detect the presence of agricultural products. The dog will scratch at parcels to alert our dog handler officer that the package contains agricultural products. The package is then opened and inspected to determine if the agricultural products inside are allowed entry into California.

Source: Pest Exclusion Canine Parcel Inspection Team Handout - San Bernardino County

Photo: Handler Kristina and Detector Dog Bishop

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