About the Growing California video series

In the words of CDFA Secretary Karen Ross, the Growing California video series is a way to connect people to the food they eat and the tremendous bounty of California agriculture. “I just see this yearning for people to make a connection,” Secretary Ross said. “In an era when people want to know more than ever about the origins of their food, we wanted to do our part in sharing these important, compelling stories.”

Growing California is a partnership between CDFA and the Buy California Marketing Agreement, which is behind the “California Grown” campaign. The videos, which have won a total of eight Telly Awards, are produced in association with the Creative Services department at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS).

Credits for Growing California

The production team would like to thank the people of California and the state’s remarkable food and agriculture producers. Without them, these profiles of inspiration and innovation wouldn’t be possible.

  • Executive Producer – Steve Lyle, CDFA.
  • Supervising Producer – Adrian Woodfork, CDFA.
  • Associate Executive Producers – Michaeline Veden, Steve McKay CSUS; Josh Eddy, CDFA.
  • Segment Production/Direction/Editing – Laurence Campling and Rick Nixon, CSUS; David “Sketch” Sketchley and Adrian Woodfork.
  • Videographers – Laurence Campling, Rick Nixon and Adrian Woodfork
  • Sound – Jeff Medlicott, CSUS.
  • Narrators – Tom Buck, Laurence Campling, Jean Fox, Sharon Ito, Michael Johnson, Steve Lyle, Rick Nixon, Tom Romano, Midori Sperandeo and Adrian Woodfork.
  • Support Staff – Susan Pikowsky-Tater, J. P. Redman, CSUS.
  • Representing California Grown – Kasey Cronquist, CEO, California Cut Flower Commission.

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