California and the 2023 Farm Bill

Investment in agriculture is an investment in our nation’s future. The federal Farm Bill, typically renewed every five years, gives policymakers an opportunity to address agricultural and food issues. As the nation’s largest agricultural producer and exporter, California’s $51.1 billion agricultural industry plays a vital role in our national economy and the health of our citizens. California’s 70,521 farms and ranches are remarkably productive given their average size: 70% of these farms are less than 100 acres, and 89% are less than 500 acres. California’s farmers produce 50 percent of the nation’s fruits, nuts and vegetables; twenty percent of the milk; and more than 400 different agricultural commodities. California has submitted recommendations (below) to Congress for the 2023 Farm Bill, to inform deliberations by members of the House and Senate Agricultural Committees and their colleagues in national leadership.

California’s 2023 Farm Bill Recommendations

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